Income Realted Job Seekers Allowance (JSA)

ECO Funded Free Boiler Grants Replacement Scheme for income related JSA is designed to provide efficient A-rated boilers.

ECO For Income Related JSA

On meeting the qualifying criteria you will get a new boiler installation. Under the ECO boiler funding scheme we are here to help you avail all the benefits of ECO if you meet the qualifying criteria.

If your boiler was installed before 2005, and you are on income related JSA, own a home or are a tenant - then there is a high probability of you qualifying for the ECO grant.

Qualifying Criteria

✔ You need to be on Income Related JSA, have a parental responsibility for a qualifying

✔ Must have an 8-year old boiler.

✔ The boiler that needs to be replaced should not be A-rated.

✔ The Old boiler should have efficiency below 86%.

✔ The Property must have gas.


✔ Save around £300 annually

✔ A-rated boilers produce more heat

✔ Installation is carried out by Gas Safe Registered installers

✔ Over 90% Efficiency

✔ Low Carbon Emission


The process to get free A-Rated Boiler is very simple.

A-Rated BoilersSimple Steps To New Boiler

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Property Survey

To estimate the total expense on the installation a property survey is carried out by an accredited assessor totally free of cost.


The central heating system will be installed under the supervision of Gas Safe Registered Local Installers.

What if you do not Qualify?

If you aren't eligible for a boiler grant there are a number of options available.

Option 1. Boiler on finance:

We can also give boiler finance, provided you own your home and pass a credit check. A boiler on finance helps in making it easy for users to get a new boiler installed on a reasonable monthly plan.

Option 2. Pay in full for a new boiler:

You can opt for a straightforward like-for-like boiler replacement with a one off cost. However, the prices may vary.