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ECO Grants for Child Tax Credit (Free Boiler Replacement)

The ECO Boiler scheme is helping millions throughout the country !

ECO Grants for Child Tax Credit

Apply Here for ECO Boiler Scheme

The ECO Boiler Scheme is helping millions throughout the country in replacing old and inefficient boilers with the latest and highly efficient boilers and central heating system. We are one of the largest installers in the country and helping people avail all the benefits of the ECO grants and transform their heating systems. All you have to do is meet the qualifying criteria for the ECO grants and our professional local gas safe registered installers will be at your disposal.

Child Tax Credit Scheme

Application for ECO Grants for Child Tax Credit

Qualifying Criteria:

✔ The person is on child tax credit and has a relevant income of £16,000 or less.

✔ The Boiler already in use needs to be at least 5 to 8 years old.

✔ Your current boiler should not be A-rated.

✔ The efficiency level of the existing boiler should be below 86%.

✔ The Property must have mains gas.

Benefits of New Boiler!

✔ Save around £300 annually

✔ A-rated boilers

✔ Installation is carried out by Gas Safe Registered Local Engineers

✔ Over 90% Efficiency of New Boilers

✔ Low Carbon Emission

How to Get a New Boiler/Central Heating System through the ECO Boiler Scheme

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The first step towards improving your heating system is to contact us and book a FREE survey of your property. You can also ask details regarding the ECO Boiler Scheme qualifying criteria from our staff.

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Installation is always carried out by our Gas Safe Registered Local installers, ensuring professional work.