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Worcester Bosch Greenstar 36CDi Erp Compact LPG Combi Boiler

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 36CDi A-rated Compact combi high performance 36.0kw boiler with hot water flow rate of 14.7 ltr/min has smallest dimensions in combi boiler range. As smaller in size it can be installed in wide range of locations including kitchen cupboards. This boiler is ideal for small or medium sized properties. Despite of small size this wall mounted boiler is known for high efficiency and reliability and provides high levels of heating and hot water comfort. Worcester Bosch Greenstar CDi compact range has set heating industry bench mark for high efficiency and reducing gas bills.

  • User friendly display makes it easy to operate.
  • Can be installed in std kitchen cupboard
  • Achieves high efficiency with new innovative heat exchanger.
  • Compatible with wide range of controls.
  • Heating and hot water from one compact unit
  • Provides instant hot water always
  • You only pay to heat water as you use it
  • Saves space as no separate cylinder is needed
  • Low energy pump reduces electrical usage
  • Quick installation.




Combi boiler is a single compact unit which produces instant hot water and heating on demand. Combi boilers are most popular heating and hot water solution across the UK with a wide range of models to suit your home and living conditions. You only pay to heat water as you use it.


Combi boiler heats water directly from main supply, when you turn on your tap you get instant hot water  running. Combi boilers are cost effective and energy efficient as water is heated instantly rather than being heated and stored in a hot water cylinder, which cuts energy bill costs. As water is delivered at mains pressure, which could get you a powerful shower flow without a separate pump. Combi boiler contains a expansion tank so water is heated within the boiler before being sent to radiators. Where as a conventional boiler has a separate expansion tank to heat water which is usually in loft and connected to boiler using external feed which acquires a lot of space.


  • Compact sizes make combi boilers perfect for smaller properties
  • Ideal where there is little or no loft space
  • No need for hot water cylinder provides increased living space.
  • No cold water storage tank frees up loft for conversion