ECO For Income Support Households

ECO Funded Free Boiler Grants Replacement Scheme for households on low income support is designed to ensure the provision of efficient A-rated boilers. On meeting the qualifying criteria you can get boiler replacement or a new central heating system.

We are here to help you avail all the benefits of ECO if you meet the qualifying criteria.

Qualifying Criteria

✔ You need to be on Income Support, and have a parental responsibility for a qualifying child and in receipt of a qualifying component.

✔ Must have an 8-year old boiler.

✔ The boiler that needs to be replaced should not be A-rated.

✔ The existing boiler should have efficiency below 86%.

✔ The Property must have connection to mains gas.

Benefits of a New Boiler!

✔ An annual saving of around £300

✔ Installation of A-rated boilers

✔ Installation carried out by Gas Safe Registered installers

✔ Over 90% efficiency

✔ Low Carbon Emission

How to Get a New Boiler/Central Heating System through the ECO Grant

Contact Us

Contact us to book a survey of your property which will help you get a new boiler/central heating system via the ECO scheme. You would also be provided information about the ECO qualifying criteria.


Qualified assessors will carry out a technical survey of your property to assess its ECO qualifying status. The survey would be carried out free of cost.


Gas Safe Registered Local installers always carry out the installation.

So, what happens if you do not Qualify?

To improve your heating system, number of options are available if you aren't eligible for an ECO boiler grant;

Option 1. Boiler on Finance:

We assist in boiler installation/replacement by providing various monthly payment plans.

Option 2. Pay in Full for a New Boiler:

Self-finance is the best way to get benefits of new a boiler straightaway.

Central Heating Solutions only a Click Away! Contact us and connect with our heating Experts.

The ECO Boiler scheme is an awesome idea that enables people on low-income replace their old boilers and reduces their energy bills.