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We guarantee that your money will be well spent without having any regrets. We not only give the best equipment but also offer a FREE property survey. It is the company policy not to settle for anything less than Safe, Reliable and Quality work.

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Excellence in boiler installation, attention to detail, friendly staff, best prices, top quality products and loyalty towards our customers has helped us flourish. We not only provide gas boiler installation services but are also expert solar panel installers and advisers. We offer both domestic and commercial heating systems. Save big on your energy bills by getting the most efficient gas heating boilers from us.

We work with the top manufacturers of gas heating boilers. All the boilers that we install are A-rated and the best part is that the installation is carried out by our expert.Talk to our heating advisors to understand what sort of heating system suits you and your home. We guarantee that your money will be well spent without you having any regrets.

Boiler Installation/Servicing

We not only install boilers but also offer maintenance and servicing of your heating systems. We ensure that the heating system stays in optimum shape.

Central Heating Installation

We provide cost effective installations, replacement and repairs of central heating system under the supervision of Gas Safe Registered Engineers.

ECO Boiler Grants

The Government of the UK has launched a free boiler replacement scheme for the convenience of low-income households to enable them to get new and more efficient boilers installed in their homes.

Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panels are fast becoming a very exciting prospect for energy generation which is why more and more households are opting for the installation of this technology.


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The ECO Boiler scheme is an awesome idea that enables people on low-income replace their old boilers and reduces their energy bills.